Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions.

What is CouplesQuiz? chevron_right

CouplesQuiz is a free-to-play Android app/game where couples can test their knowledge of each other by asking a series of “how well do you know me?” questions with their partner.

Do I need to register an account to play? chevron_right

Absolutely not! We don’t store any information or account details so you can simply download, enter your names and enjoy the quiz in seconds.

Is CouplesQuiz free to play? chevron_right

Yes! CouplesQuiz is free to play for the first four question sets. There is the option purchase CouplesQuiz Pro* to unlock additional features within the app, however the base version remains completely free.

What is CouplesQuiz Pro? chevron_right

CouplesQuiz Pro is an additional status which can be purchased in the app. Pro status entitles the purchasing user to additional question sets and the ability to remove all advertising throughout the app. This option also helps support the future development of the app by providing funding to invest in more features.

Why are some of the questions hard? chevron_right

You may find some questions are hard to answer. Don’t worry, that’s on purpose!

We designed the game so that you can learn new things about your partner. It’s supposed to be difficult sometimes, but mostly the questions are easy.

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