Since the release of CouplesQuiz 1.0 we have received so much positive feedback from couples who have taken their love life to the next level by playing our relationship game with their partners.

Because of the wealth of happy couples sending me positive emails and reviews, a new version of the trivia app has been in development to implement all the features suggested to us by email.

Today, I am happy to announce that CouplesQuiz version 2.0 is now released and live on the Google Play Store!

What’s new in CouplesQuiz 2.0?

We’ve made lots of changes in the new version of our popular couples quiz app. Notably:

  • Added more questions (60+)
  • Added Question sets (12+)
  • Added forfeits for the loser to perform (25+)
  • Added CouplesQuiz Pro option to remove ads
  • Rebuilt from scratch with the latest frameworks
  • Cleaner UI for distraction free playing
  • Privacy adjustments to keep your data safe
  • Stability improvements to improve user experience

Forfeits explained

Forfeits are an entirely new feature to CouplesQuiz in version 2.0. Once you have selected your question set, you will be asked to select a forfeit. The loser of the relationship quiz will have to perform this forfeit at the end of the game.

Examples of forfeits you or your partner may have to person upon losing the quiz are:

  • Loser has to wash the dishes every night for a week
  • Loser has to kiss the winner on the lips
  • Winner gets to post on the losers social media page

Of course, there’s also the option to have no forfeit, but we think it’s so much more fun to play the quiz with them!

CouplesQuiz Pro

Some users don’t like adverts, we get that, however running adverts inside the app is the only way that we can generate a small income for our hard work in running the app, and believe me it is a very small income.

CouplesQuiz Pro is an in-app purchase option to enable users to both unlock more questions and remove the adverts entirely, whilst also supporting the future development of the app by supporting our running costs.

Currently this option is set at $1.99 which we believe fair as it is considerably cheaper than other similar apps, which charge closer to $9.99 for a similar reward.

Challenge your partner today

We hope you have fun playing our relationship quiz and encourage you to send feedback and reviews so we can further improve the game in future releases. Download free from the Play Store below: