Our mission with CouplesQuiz

CouplesQuiz was not built to make profit like many other couples games. Our relationship quiz was made for one reason, to bring you and your partner closer together.

CouplesQuiz was built buy a boyfriend/girlfriend team who wanted to add some fun to their date night and get to know each other more by asking some “how well do you know your partner?” questions. Our love quiz was definitely not intended to be released to the general public during development.


After asking my partner all of the questions; we simply had so much fun playing the relationship quiz that thought more couples would love to play too, so decided to release the game to the public.


Since then, we have received much positive feedback from happy couples who have played our relationship quiz and found out so many interesting facts about their partner which they wouldn’t have known without playing CouplesQuiz.


Hearing all of the feedback from lovers enjoying our relationship trivia game has made us want to improve the app to make the experience better for everyone. That’s why we are constantly looking to add more questions, forfeits and features to make the playing the game more fun with your partner.


If you have any suggestions of feedback for CouplesQuiz then please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to make any suggestions part of our game.

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