Couple in the kitchen

Are you getting tired of watching the same old TV/Netflix shows with your partner every single night?

Has being on lock-down for days or even weeks at a time left you feeling emotionally drained?

With the current situation surrounding COVID-19 it’s hard to find activities for couples to pass the time. Gone are the days of popping to the cinema, treating the other-half to a romantic meal or indulging in a shopping trip.

We now need to find new ways to entertain ourselves in these uncertain times, which is why we decided to compose this list to keep the relationship healthy and fruitful.

Check out our collection of the top fun date-night games you can play with your boyfriend/girlfriend at home to put the happiness back into your relationship.

1. Have a garden picnic

Who says you need to travel for miles, walking through the countryside to find a secluded spot in the woods just to have a picnic.

Whilst that does sound magical, a picnic in your own back-yard can be just as fun.

Fill a hamper with sandwiches, snacks, drinks and light entertainment then head off outside with your partner to bask in the glorious sun together

2. Decorate a room together

There’s a saying that if a couple can survive building some Ikea furniture together, then they can probably survive just about anything their relationship can throw at them in the future.

Of course, decorating doesn’t have to mean going out and buying new wallpaper and furnishings. Head on over to GoodHousekeeping to find inspiration of fun DIY project ideas.

3. Start a Jigsaw

And by start, we hopefully also mean finish.

Nothing beats working together on a project and a jigsaw is one of those calming games for couples to engage with.

Teamwork makes the dream work

John Maxwell

Put some relaxing music on, grab a glass of whatever tickles your fancy, set aside some nibbles and get down to business. The jigsaw, that is.

4. Write a bucket list

Right now, with the current covid-19 outbreak, all traveling is off the cards. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t plan fun activities with your partner for when the borders re-open!

Be that, stargazing on a rooftop, taking a cooking class together, travel to Venice or simply having a spa day with your spouse.

Take the down time as an excuse to sit together and talk about which must see tourist destinations and activities for couples top both of your bucket lists.

5. Take an online workout class

The perfect activity for couples to enjoy at home during lock-down. It’s both fun and good for your health!

You can find plenty of online exercise classes online or on YouTube to get those hear rates pumping. For the best experience, find exercises for couples that you can do together such as Yoga.


And if all of that isn’t enough, you can always try playing a round of “how well do you know your partner?” with our couples quiz app to learn something new about your spouse.